Counting The Beat radio show Oct 2017

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Sola Rosa - Del Ray, Get It Together (Band Camp Wax)
Breesa Creeting Cake, Rocky Mountain, Breesa Creeting Cake (Flying Nun)
Yumi Zouma - December, Willowbank (Cascine)
Arthur Ahbez - Free As The Wind, Volume II (Banished From The Universe)
Die! Die! Die! - Bottlecaps & Phones (I Can’t See You), Charm. Offensive. (Sounds Of Subterrainia)
Body Corporate - I Can Animate, Howlaround (Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
Bunnies On Ponies - Spectrum, Heat Death Of The Universe (Flying Out)
The Bollands - Fielding, All Of My Ghosts (Monkey Records)
The Clean - Getting Older, Anthology (Merge)
Robert Scott - Interview
The Clean - Point That Thing, Anthology (Merge)
The Body Lyre - Daughter, Escape Songs (self released)
The Echo Ohs - Black Like Your Heart, Hot Pocket (1:12 Records)
Blood Bags - Cartoon Animal, Dead Eyes (1:12 Records)
Black Science - Number’s Game, Burn & Rave (Monstervalley Records)
Bailterspace - Tri5, Trinine (Fire)
Batrider - Snakes, Bag Wine Forever (self released)
Darryl Baser - Following A Line, Raw Selfie (Zelle)
Sandra Bell - Black Into Blue, Dreams Of Falling (Turbulence)
Boss Christ - Wolf Party, Monsterbilly (Stink Magnetic)
Alec Bathgate - Pet Hates (Flying Nun)
Black Machine Girls - Heaven Hell, Esoterror (Flying Nun)
Marginal Era - This Heaven Instrumental Mix (Pagan)
Arthur Ahbez - Once Again, Volume II (Banished From The Universe)
Michael Morley - The Disaster, The Lake (Precious Metal)


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