Counting The Beat 7" Special

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Nigel Wright - Mossopolis (The High Seas)
Connie Benson - Stampede (Loral Records)
The Chills - Rocket Science (Fire Records)
Moron Says What? - Don’t Know How To Fight (self released)
Ginzu And The Steak Knives - King Of The Sea, Final Form EP (self released)
Aldous Harding - Elation, Party (4AD)
Vorn - Flint And Tinder (Zelle)
Show Me Where It Hurts - Show Me Where It Hurts (Boxer)
Axemen - Nutsack (Sleek Bott)
Autumn Splendour - Toby, Autumn Splendour  (Sound Recordings)
Autumn Splendour - Cubby, Autumn Splendour (Sound Recordings)
Ghost Club - Cool Air, Hayfever EP No. 6 (Hayfever)
Collapsing Cities - Fear Of Opening My Mouth (Way Out West)
The Flying Sorcerors - Up Close And Personal (Lyttelton Records)
Tiny Ruins - Dream Wave (Bella Union)
Gianmarco Liguori - Beat Instrumental (Sarang Bang)
Herriot Row - Learning Not To Talk (Arcade Recordings)
This Kind Of Punishment - Reaching An End (Superior Viaduct)
Mothra - Myriad Vocal Version (self released)
Echo Ohs - The Gnarl (Waist  Deep Records)
Buildermash - Measly Love (Grapefruit)
Heart Attack Alley - Slow Instrumental, The Way To A Man’s Heart Is Through His Chest (self released)
First Fifteen - First XV (World Ashtray Records)
Herco Pilots - Wonder Book (The Wonder Book Of Things To Do (REM Records)
Drill - Happy Home (Flying Nun)
3Ds - Fallen Angel (Flying Nun)
Pin Group - Coat (Superior Viaduct)
Avotor - Wait & See (self released)
Christoph El Truento - Gibbon Saw (Nut Riot)
Peter Wright - Magpie Attack On The Back Road To Albert Town


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