Counting The Beat Radio Show 20 May 2017

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Fazerdaze - Last To Sleep, Morningside (Flying Nun)
Bachelorette - Mindwarp, My Electric Family (Drag City)
The Renderers - Dream Of The Sea, Dream Of the Sea (Tinsel Ears)
Body corporate - Bannerman Missive, Howlaround (The Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society)
The Chance - Planes Over Thailand, The Chance (Unwucht)
The Dance Athsmatics - Oedipus, Lifetime Of Secretion (Melted Icecream)
The Golden Awesome - A Thousand Nights And One Night, Autumn (M’Lady’s)
I.E.Crazy - You’re A Stranger To Me Now, Non Compos Mentis (Muzai)
Marineville - The Furniture, Penguins Ate My Chips (Zelle)
Seafog - The Crown, Dig It On Up (Zelle)
Delaney Davidson - Time Has Gone, Bad Luck Man (Voodoo Rhythm)
Coco Davis - ‘Lectric Chair, Old Haunts (Fireplace)
The Conjurors - Not Just Girls, The Six Trials Of Hercules (Sound Recordings)
Birds Of Passage - Yesterday’s Stains, This Kindly Slumber (Denovali)
Dudley Benson - It’s Akaroa’s Fault (Nurimix), Minerals & Rocks (Golden Retriever Records)
Into Orbit - Caldera, Unearthing (self released)
Asian Tang - The Boat Builder (Lyttelton Records)
Arc Of Ascent - Godhead, Circle Of The Sun (Krauted Mind)
Mysterious Tape Man - Space Ghost, Esoteric Surf Trash (Stink magnetic)
Bloodbags - Swollen Hands, Busted Chops (Stink Magnetic)
Carb On Carb - Practising For Retirement (Black Wire Records)
Human Resource - Scab Army, Human Resource (Arcade Recordings)
Coolies - Scorpio 10, Kaka (Feeding Tube Records)
Fields* - Life Cycle, The E.P. (self released)
And Band - Hung From Dirty Wounds (Look Plastic / Noisyland)



Roddus said...

According to Dave at Galaxy Records, Mary Rose Crook had pretty much all of Dark Matter as her support band.

Roddus said...

That I E Crazy record is awesome.