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Primitive Art Group -  I Was Wrong, Five Step Drop Down (braille)
The Black Sheep - Bg Sheep Baada, The Black Sheep (Braille)
Primitive Art Group - Truck Driving man, Futre Jaw-Clap (Braille)
Jungle Suite - Two Bass Tango, A Walk Of Snipe (Braille)
Four Volts - Magpie, Something's Burning (Braille)
The Family Mallet - Ruatanian Hoe-Down, Bosch's Bottom (Braille)
Rabbitlock - I Read Of Your Engagement, The Backbone (Braille)
David Watson - The Key To A Code
Six Volts - Black Dog, The Hills Are Alive (Braille)
Six Volts - Crying Shame, Stretch (Braille / Festival)



Roddus said...

No Rabbitlock.

Chris said...

Yeah, it's there. Made a typo in the playlist. Fixed now.