Counting The Beat 16 July 2016

Download Counting The Beat 16 July 2016

Pacific Heights - Hana, The Stillness (self released)
Orchestra Of Spheres - Rocket No.9, Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon (Fire Records)
Heart Attack Alley - My Beating Heart, Living In Hell (Voodoo Rhythm)
Delaney Davidson - In The Pines, Devil In The Parlour (self released)
Cloud Michaels - Strange Forces (Wonderful Noise)
Over The Atlantic - Kevin Shields, Junica (Carpark)
Skallander - Flesh Born Constellation, Skallander (Type)
Introverted Dancefloor - Dark Cloud Scene, Introverted Dancefloor (Carpark Records)
Signer - Low Light Sleep, The New Face Of Smiling (Carpark Records)
Patea Maori Club - Poi E Disco Version (WEA)
Sam Hunt / Mammal - Sandshoe Shuffle (Red Rat)
Venetic - Black Boxcars, Black Boxcars (self released)
Freddy Fuddpucker - Soft Machine, Hourglass Wine (Monkey Records)
Darryl Baser - Crystalline AndSometimes Blue, Raw Selfie (Zelle)
Emily Edrosa - Behind Yr Back, EP (Fluff)
Coco Davis - The Devil’s Gonna Get You, Old Haunts (Fireplace)
Cakekitchen - Dave The Pimp, Time Flowing Backwards (Dais)
Die! Die! Die! - Sideways Here We Come, Promises Promises (S.A.F.)
Fur Patrol - Enemy (self released)
Sharpie Crows - Hebrew Vs Key, Nostalgia Kills (Flying Nun)
Pacifier - Interconnecter, Live (WEA)
A Dead Forest Index - Sand Verse, In All That Drifts From Summit Down (Sargent House)


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Roddus said...

Well I s'pose now that you got the settings changed so I can leave comments, I better leave a comment so here it is...........

"A Comment"

And some time soon I might actually get to listen to the whole show before your next one.

Cool music Chris.