Counting The Beat Radio Show 21 May 2016

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Orchestra Of Spheres - Anklung Song, Brothers And Sisters Of the Black Lagoon (Fire)
A Dead Tree Index - Summit Down, In All That Drifts From Summit Down (Sargent House)
Street Chant - One More Year, Hauora (Flying Nun)
Shuedet - Tides, Permutations (Bloom AV)
Luckless - Better Than Being Blue, Vindication Blues (Beautiful Strange)
Tom Cunliffe - Old Moon, Howl And Whisper (Lyttelton Records)
Venetic - A Matter Of Time, Black Boxcars (self released)
Terror Of The Deep - Jupiter, Space Epic (Selection)
Hollywood Fun Downstairs - Pocket Cool, Reactions (Press Gang)
Dad Jokes - Party Goblin, Hopeless Vacation (Pyramid Power)
The Raskolnikovs - Old School Man Of The World, At The Hour Of Sunset... (self released)
The Renderers - Seaworthy, in The Sodium Light (Ba Da Bing)
The Transcendents - Say Never, The Sun Is Still Asleep (Spirit Ditch)
The Audacious Inevitable - Ruapekepeka, Fakes (self released)
David Watson - A Code, Reference (Braille)
From Scratch - Out In Part 1, Five Rhythm Works (EM)
Murray McNabb - Private Life Of Birds, The Way In Is The Way Out (Sarangbang Records)
Gate - Asset, Saturday Night Fever (MIE)
Gate + Control Unit - Heavenly Heights, Gate + Control Unit (8mm Records & Tapes)
Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie - Tarantella, At Swim 2 Birds (Flying Nun)
Kraus - Coronation Song, I Could Destroy You With A Single Thought (self released)
Seht - MPFH, HRRY (Digitalis)
Eve De Castro Robinson - A Music As Numerous As Space, I Stayed A Minute (Rattle)


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