Counting The Beat radio show 28 Nov 2015

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The Chills - Pyramid / When The Poor Can Reach The Moon, Silver Bullets (Fire)
Fat Freddy's Drop - Fish In The Sea, Bays (The Drop)
Introverted Dancefloor - Feeling Unsound, Introverted Dancefloor (Carpark Records)
The Maitlands - Sweetest May, Ae Fond Kiss (Zelle)
Eb & Sparrow - The Sun, Sun/Son (Deadbeat)
Glass Vaults - Sojourn, Sojourn (Flying Out)
Jonathan Bree - Tear Your Face Off, A Little Night Music (Lil' Chief)
Darcy Clay - All I Gotta Do, Jesus I Was Evil (Real Groovy Records)
Chris Knox - Face Of Fashion, Seizure (Flying Nun)
Tall Dwarfs - Sign The Dotted Line, Weeville (Flying Nun)
David & Hamish Kilgour - The Collected Complete Works Of Robbie Burns, Ae Fond Kiss
Nadia Reid, Track Of The Time, Listen To Formations Look For The Signs (Spunk)
Avalanche City - Wild Places II, We Are For The Wild Places (Warner Music)
Exponents - Erotic, Something Beginning With C (Universal)
The Conjurors - When She Falls, Hints (1:12 Records)
The Cavemen - Fucked In The Head, The Cavemen (1:12 Records)
The Coolies - Scorpio 10, Kaka (Feeding Tube Records)
The Transcendents - Running Out Of Patience, Common Ground (Spirit Ditch)
The Dead C - T.I.F.F., Palisades (Dischi Del Baron)
Shortlived - Sick Of Excuses, Shortlived (Alwaysneverfun)
Ginzu And The Steak Knives - Huey Lewis And The News, Ginzu And The Steak Knives (self released)
Shocking Pinks - Nostalgia, Dance The Dance Electric (A Low Hum)
Robert Scott - Green Grow The Rashes O, Ae Fond Kiss (Zelle)
Nadia Reid, Ruby, Listen To Formation Look Sor The Signs (Spunk)


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