Counting The Beat Radio Show 18 July 2015

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Shocking Pinks - Smoke Screen (The Glimmers Beyond The Smoke Edit) (DFA)
Ponsonby DC's - G'day Mate, Ponsonby DC's (Strange Weekend Records)
Marlon Williams - Dark Child, Marlon Williams (Caroline)
New Gum Sarn - New Gold Mountain, New Gold Mountain (Arcade Recordings)
French For Rabbits - The Other Side, Spirits (Lefse)
Bloodbags - Talkin' Apes (1:12 Records)
Head Like A Hole - Creedence (Battle Hymn Records)
Heart Attack Alley - Cryin' (Voodoo Rhythm)
She's So Rad - Circles, In Circles (Out Of The Crate)
Onanon - Seacliff, Home Baking (Monkey Killer Records)
Operation Rolling Thunder - A Matter Of Space, III (Monkey Killer Records)
Idiot Prayer - Beautiful, Falconer (Monkey Killer Records)
Transcendents - Ed Ruscha, Lay Where You Collapse (Spirit Ditch)
Trick Mammoth - Doll (Wiaiwya)
Misfit Mod - Sugar C (Stars And Letters)
Desperate Models - Somme, Roaches (Burnt Rations Collective)
Pine - Siren, 12 Hour Collision (Arch Hill Records)
Skaface Claw - Shadowfax Can Suck It, The Last Alliance Of Rockets And Cats (self released)
Shoutin' Preachin' - Withdrawals, New Low Humans EP (Sound Recordings)
Split Enz - Kia Kaha (Ever be Strong, Conflicting Emotions (Mushroom)
Look Blue Go Purple - Safety In Cross Words, Bewitched (Flying Nun)
Bailter Space - X, Vortura (Matador)
The Renderers - Sea Of Total Darkness, Measured Strychnine Invitations (Exiled Records)
The Phoenix Foundation - I Want More, Phoenix Foundation/Eyelids Split 7" (Jealous Butcher Records)
Meterman - City Hum, Hemispheres (Midum / Someoddpilot)
Glass Vaults - Worrier, Glass EP (Jukboxr)


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