Counting The Beat Radio Show 20 June 2015

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Lord Julien - Tennis, Lord Julien (Wonderful Noise)
Strawpeople - One Good Reason (Pagan)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unnecessary Evil, Mulit-Love (Jagjaguwar)
Popstrangers - Country Kills, Fortuna (Carpark Records)
Age Pryor - The Best For You (Loop)
Car Crash Set - Heart Of Stone (Demo)(Annalogue Records)
Sexxx Haus - Dingo Dango, Fuck The Paparazzi (Kerosene Comic Book)
Vixons - Alfred The Alligator, V is For V!ctory (Envex Recordz)
Scalper - My Blood Your Blood, The Emperor's Clothes (Jarring Effects)
Mangle & Gruff - As A Business Math Teacher, Mangle & Gruff (self released)
Rocket Jocks - 25 Minutes From Rivendell, The Last Alliance Of Rockets & Cats (self released)
X-Ray Fiends - Big Black Spider, X-Ray Fiends (Sound Recordings)
Pumice - Covered In Spiders, Puny (Soft Abuse)
Lamp Of The Universe - Beyond The Horizon, The Inner Light of Revelation (Clostridium Records)
Fat Freddy's Drop - Rain, Live At The Matterhorn (The Drop)
Bailter Space - Tanker, Tanker (Flying Nun)
King Loser - Centre Of Things, You Can Not Kill What Does Not Live (Flying Nun)
Groeni - The Oak, Hewn (Finest Ego)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Aquarius/Gemini, 9 Classic Tracks (Siltbreeze)
Fantails - Vegan Apocalypse, Fantails (PPD)
Our Love Will Destory The World - Carnivorous Rainbows, Carnivorous Rainbows (BaDaBing)


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