Counting The Beat radio show 21 Feb 2015

Mark DeClive-Lowe - The Processional, Church (Mashibeats)
Dictaphone Blues - Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave, Mufti Day (Banished From The Universe)
The Chills - Wet Blanket, BBC Sessions (Fire Records)
Robert Scott - Lights Are Low, The Green House (Flying Nun)
The Situations - Throwaway Society (Beyond Your Mind Records)
Christoph El Truento - Rats Scurrying In The Backyard, Conglomerates EP1 (Wonderful Noise)
Riki Gooch - Very Nerve, Conglomerates EP2 (Wonderful Noise)
Streets Of Laredo - Everything To Everyone, Vol I & II (Dine Alone Records)
Aldous Harding - The Hunter, Aldous Harding (Lyttelton Records)
Ritchie Venus - The Forbidden Planet, Battling The Odds (Unwucht)
Drowning Is Easy - Spoons For Christ, Drowning Is Easy (Unwucht)
Sarah Richards - Pogo, Your Laughter (unwucht)
The Chance - Plane Over Thailand, The Chance (Unwucht)
The Eastern - Come And Dance With Me, The Territory (Rough Peel Records)
Robert Scott - Vertigo, The Green House (Flying Nun)
FIS - Speech Spirits (Kassim Mosse'd), Speech Spirits (Loopy Fruit)
Govermint - All These Conditons, Pipe Drm (self released)
Spook The Horses - Footfall, Rainmaker (Honesty Is Appreciated)
Lamp Of the Universe - Domain Of The Buddha, Lamp Of the Universe / Trip Hill Split LP (Clostridium Records)
Head Like A Hole - Creedence (Battle Hymn Records)
Proton Beast - Cimmerians, Digitizer (Muzai)


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