Counting The Beat Nowhere Festival Special 15 Nov 2014

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Purple Pilgrims - Heavenly Creature / Joon, Purple Pilgrims/Gary War Split LP (Upset! the Rhythm)
Bilders - Dirty & Disgusting, Six Impossible Things (Unwucht)
Gate - Selfhate, Metric (Majora)
AM - Dragonfly, Dragonfly (Trensmat)
Pumice - Greenock, Pebbles (Soft Abuse)
Sunken - Eel Meat, New Zealand Eels (Emerald Cocoon)
Greg Malcolm - Mob Job, Swimming In It (Kraak)
Lovely Midget - Cooked Chicken, Lovely Midget (Ecstatic Peace)
Bill Direen & The HAT - Dark Does Not Live By Water Or Air, The Flavour Of The Meat (Grapefruit Records)
Imbogodom - The Living Creatures, Metafather (Thrill Jockey)
Kraus - Monolulu, Supreme Commander (Moniker)
Gate - Sunshine (Twisted Village)
Eye - High Road, Eye/Nova Scotia Split LP (Tipped Bowler Tapes


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