Counting The Beat Radio Show 21 June 2014

Lorde/Son Lux - Easy (Switch Screens), Alternate Worlds (Joyful Noise)
Popstrangers - Don't Be Afraid, Fortune (Carpark Records)
Heart Attack Alley - Living In Hell, Living In Hell (Voodoo Rhythm)
Dark Matter - The Face Of Evil, Dark Matter (Siltbreeze)
Tiny Ruins - Straw Into Gold, Brightly Painted One (Flying Nun)
Sherpa - Blind Buzz, Blues And Oranges (self released)
Males - Over And Out, Males Males Males / Run Run Run (Fishrider)
Broods - Coattails, Broods (Polydor)
Liam Finn - Roll Of The Eye, FOMO (Yeproc)
Lord Echo - Honest I Do, Melodies (Economy)
Orchestra Of Spheres - Journey, Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music (Fire Records)
Shocking Pinks - Motel, Guilt Mirrors (Stars And Letters)
Coolies - God Take Me, Punk Is Bread (Epic Sweep)
Roy Montgomery - Cold On The Outside, 324 E.13th Street #7 (Yellow Electric)
FIS - Iterations, Iterations (Triangle)
FIS - Womb Dreams, Iterations (Triangle)
The Bats - Yawn Vibes, The Law Of Things (Flying Nun)
Grayson Gilmour - Tunnel Vision, Infinite Life! (Flying Nun)
Shoes This High - The Nose One, Straight To Hell (Siltbreeze)
The Admiral - Bother Me, The Admiral/Cool Runnings split 7" (1:12 Records)
Die! Die! Die! - 155, Die!  Die! Die! (Sounds Of Subterrainia)
Metal Rouge - When Will The Blues Leave, Soft Erase 9emerald Cocoon)
Loves Ugly Children - All Messed Up, Cakehole (Flying Nun)
Kerretta - His Streets Of Honey, Her Mouth Of Gold (Golden Antenna)
The Elder Statesmen - Trans Alpine Express (Bastard Jazz)


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