Counting The Beat radio show 15 March 2014

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Clap Clap Riot - Sweet Patricia, Nobody/Everybody (Universal)
The Renderers - Sea Of Total Darkness, Measured, Strychnine, Invitations (Exiled Records)
Liam Finn - Second Chance, I'll Be Lightning (Liberation)
Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes - Everybody Get Loose, Sal Valentine and The Babyshakes (self released)
Drab Doo Riffs - Aquatic Ape Theory, Aquatic Ape Theory (1:12 Records)
Las Tetas - You're Not Invited (1:12 Records)
Sharpie Crows - Fifteen Golden Balls, Nostalgia Kills (Flying Nun)
Alf Danielson - Glover, Killing Capitalism With Kindness (Turbulence)
Jonathan Bree - Duckie's Lament, The Primrose Path (Lil' Chief)
The Transistors - Method Actor, Is This Anything? (Arch Hill Records)
Mark de Clive Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Money (Don't Let it Catch Ya) (Mashibeats)
The Damned Evangelist - La Maldicion, Wolf Party (Stink Magnetic)
Delaney Davidson - Foggy Harbour, Wolf Party (Stink Magnetic)
Canivorous Plant Society - Misty Magic Land (Canivorous Plant Society)
Datura - Into The Light, All Is One (Krauted Mind Records)
Birds Of Passage - Yesterdays Stains, This Kindly Slumber (Denovali Records)
Birds Of Passage - Lonesome Tame, This Kindly Slumber (Denovali Records)
Dead C - Armed, Armed Courage (Ba Da Bing Records)
Vorn - Flint and Tinder (Zelle/Powertool)


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