Radio Show: Counting The Beat 2012 Round Up

Kraus - Praeludium, Supreme Commander (Moniker)
Bailterspace - Polarize, Strobosphere (Arch Hill Records)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Knots Unwind, Eating For Two (Bedroom Sucks Records)
Street Chant - Frail Girls (Arch Hill Records)
Tiny Ruins - Priest With Balloons, Some Were Meant For Sea (Spunk Records)
Joe Blossom - Hunger II, Nocturnes (Cabbage Tree Records)
The Puddle - Oh Hayley (You're Right), Secret Holiday/Victory Blues (Fishrider Records)
Mad Scene - T Rex, Blip (Siltbreeze)
Toy Love - Pull Down The Shafes, Live At The Gluepot (Real Groovy Records)
The Chills - Flamethrower, Time To Go (Flying Nun)
The Eversons - Could It Ever Get Better?, Summer Feeling (Lil' Chief)
Opossom - Blue Meanies, Electric Hawaii (Fire Records)
The Eastern - State Houses By The River, Hope and Wire (Rough Peel Records)
Lawrence Arabia - Early Kneecappings, The Sparrow (Bella Union)
Daniel Boobyer - Shake Your Dirty Chain, Time Killed The Clock (Tasman Records)
Pin Group - Ambivalence, Ambivalence (Flying Nun)
The Clean - At The Bottom, Odditties (Five Four O)
Doug Jerebine - Ashes and Matches, Doug Jerebine is Jesse Harper (Drag City)
Die! Die! Die! - Season's Revenge, Harmony (Golden Antenna)
She's So Rad - Circles, In Circles (Out Of The Crate)
Pumice - Covered In Spiders, Puny (Soft Abuse)
Gaytime - Do You Think I'm Ugly, In Their Prime (1-12 Records)
Heart Attack Alley - My Beating Heart, Living in Hell (Voodoo Rhythm)
Gate - Have Not, The Dew Line (MIE Music)
Sharpie Crows - Hebrew vs Key, Nostalgia Kills (Flying Nun)

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