Counting The Beat radio show 25 08 12

Opossom - Blue Meanies (Electric Hawaii), Fire Records
Pine - Brand New Heart (Books and Magazines), Arch Hill Records
Coolies - Holiday (Master), Chapter Music
Opposite Sex - Got To Eat (Opposite Sex), Fishrider Records
Orchestra of Spheres - Rotate (Nonogonic Now), Fire Records
David Kilgour - Uplift (Here Come The Cars), De Stijl
She's So Rad - Circles (In Circles), Out Of The Crate
Maxine Funke - White Birds (Felt), Epic Sweep
Lord Echo - Rhythm 77 (Lord Echo), Economy
Greg Malcolm - Swimming In It (Swimming In It), Kraak
Bailterspace - Polarize (Strobosphere), Arch Hill
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Jello and Juggernauts (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), Fat Possum
Heart Attack Alley - Cryin', Voodoo Rhythm
Electric Wire Hustle - Waters (Electric Wire Hustle), BBE
Fly My Pretties - Lucky (Live At Bats), Loop
The Eversons - Back To Work (Summer Feeling), Lil' Chief
The Puddle - Valhalla (Playboys In The Bush), Fishrider
Keretta - Sagamartha (Antient), Midium
The Skeptics - Heathery Men (Amalgam), Flying Nun
The Great Unwashed - Obscurity Blues (Clean OPut Of Our Minds), Exiled
Above Ground - Coalman (Gone AIWA), Siltbreeze
Pin Group - Ambivalence (Ambivalence), Flying Nun
Opossom - Get Away Tonight (Electric Hawaii), Fire Records
Bailterspace - Strobosphere (Strobosphere), Arch Hill
Max Block - It Came In A Can (Air Ache in The Belly Of The Leech), Siltbreeze
Gaytime - You Put A Hex On Me (In Their Prime), 1.12 Records
Exploding Budgies - Sunflower (The Grotesque Singers), Flying Nun

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