Counting The Beat Meets Waxed on Wednesdays

On Saturday 2 June Andre from Volcano Radio's Waxed on Wednesdays joined me on Waiheke Radio for over 2 1/2 hours of kiwi music on vinyl. Here's the playlist:
David Kilgour - Diamond Mine, Left By Soft (Arch Hill Records)
Delaney Davidson - You're  Loser, Bad Luck Man (Voodoo Rhythm)
Grayson Gilmour - I Am A Light!, No Constellation (Flying Nun)
Die Die Die - Shine Through, Form (Flying Nun)
Surf City - Dickshakers Union, Surf City (Morr Music)
Idiot Prayer - 100 Ducks, Falconer (Monkey Killer Records)
Mad Scene - T Rex, Blip (Siltbreeze)
Pink Pond Experience - Easy Come, Easy Go, NZ Indie Mixtape 2010 (MusicHype)
The Eversons - Could It Ever Get Better?, Summer Feeling (Lil' Chief)
Dictaphone Blues - School Tomorrow (Blah-lah-lah Records)
The Hollow Grinders - Bradley's Dunny Crouch (Claudelands Beach Board Riders Club)
The Mint Chicks - Opium Of The People, Anti Tiger (Flying Nun)
Kraus - My Beloved Girlfriend, Faster Than The Speed of Time (Dilettante Courtoise/Bimbo Tower)
So So Modern - Berlin, Crude Features (Transgressive Records)
Dam Native - Horfied One (Newton Sound)
Disasteradio - Charisma, Charisma (A Low Hum)
Fabulous Arabia -Eugenics, Unlimited Buffet (Economy/Jakarta)
Tokyo Prose & FIS - The Dears
Optimus Gryme - Immortal (Optimus Gryme Recordings)
Home Brew - Saturday, Last Week (Magic Bag)
Grand Rapids - Man On The Horses, Faintheartedness (MusicHype)
Liam Finn - The Struggle, FOMO (YepRoc)
The Golden Awesome - Autumn, Autumn (MLady's)
Dimmer, Cystalator (SubPop)
Pumice - Covered In Spiders, Puny (Soft Abuse)
The Postures - Bushwalker (Muzai)
The Shocking Pinks - Emily, Shocking Pinks (DFA)
Princess Chelsea - Cigarette Duet, Lil' Golden Book (Lil' Chief)
Gianmarco Liguori - Energy Wind, Dug-3 (Saranbang Records)
Robert Scott - Born In A Tent, Ends Run Together (Flying Nun)
Nathan Haines - Consequence, The Poet's Embrace (Haven Music)
Shihad - Gimme Gimme (Noise Records)

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