Record Store Day Radio Show

The Counting The Beat radio show returned on Record Store Day 2012 celebrating the day with 2 hours of kiwi music on vinyl.
Brunettes - The Record Store (Mars Loves Venus) 2011 Microfiche Records
Toy Love - Photographs of Naked Ladies (Live at the Gluepot) 2012 Real Groovy Records
Surf City - Kudos (Kudos) 2010 Arch Hill Records
Orchestra of Spheres - Hypercube (Nonagonic Now) 2011 Fire Records
Bachelorette - Dream Sequence (My Electric Family) Drag City
Delaney Davidson - Bad Luck Man (Bad Luck Man) 2011 Voodoo Rhythm Records
The Puddle - Decline To Fall (Secret Holiday/Victory Blues) 2012 Fishrider Records
Opposite Sex - La Rat (Opposite Sex) 2012 Fishrider Records
Idiot Prayer - Sausage Spectrum (Falconer) 2011 Monkey Killer Records
Toy Love - I Don't Mind (Live At the Gluepot) 2012 Real Groovy Records
Lord Echo - Rhythm 77 (Lord Echo) 2012 Wonderful Noise
Mantarays - Ballad of Native America (Mantarays) 2009 Velvet Tiger
The Damned Evangelist - La Maldicion Del Lobo (Wolf Party compilation) 2010 Stink Magnetic
Princess Chelsea - Monkey Goes Bananas (Lil Golden Book) 2011 Lil' Chief Records
Cool Rainbows - Southern Summer Sun (Whale Rocket) 2012 Lil' Chief Records
Gaytime - You Put The Hex On Me (In Their Prime) 2012 1-12 Records
Arc of Ascent - Search For Liberation (The Higher Key) 2012 Clostridium Records
Unknown Mortal Orchestera - Ffunny Ffrends (Unknown Mortal Orchestra) 2011 Fat Possum
The Bats - In The Subway (Free All The Monsters) 2011 Flying Nun
She's So Rad - Georgie's Song (In Circles) 2012 From The Crate Records
Pumice - Greenock (Pebbles) 2011 Soft Abuse
Sneaky Feelings - Not To Take Sides (Time To Go compilation) 2012 Flying Nun
Toy Love - Pull Down The Shades (Live At The Gluepot) 2012 Real Groovy

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1 comment:

Roddus said...

Aha! So I gather then this is the first of the current fromat all vinyl shows podcast. Good show and surprising how many of these atrists I have in my collection now since listening to your shows.