New Releases March 09

Bratty teen no-wave noise-pop band Moron Says What?! won a few fans with their song Wikipedia which I featured on the Computer Games episode of Counting the Beat. They have also built a reputation as an energetic and exciting live act, although they've divided audiences with some declaring them awesome and some just plain annoying. The band have just released an E.P., the Pop Up E.P., which can be ordered through their myspace page. (Live Moron Says What?! clip on the video page)

Another band with a solid live reputation are Clap Clap Riot. They have also just released an E.P. TV Knows Better. It's good without being groundbreaking, with five catchy guitar driven songs influenced by early 80s British post punk indie. The E.P. should appeal to fans of Cut Off Your Hands and Collapsing Cities. Check out the video for 'Don't Want Your baby' on the video page. Also worth viewing is the Clap Clap Riot Red Bull Session.

Head Like A Hole, a band with a fearsome live reputation that I have many fond memories of, are the latest band to jump on the reunion touring bandwagon. However the line-up touring does not include Tom Watson, who joined the band for their third album and added a welcome melodic element to live performances. Watson has been busy though, working on a new album with his laid back county rock outfit Cassette. Their debut E.P. Emo is a classic and the first album Cut For Summer, while not making a big splash, is also excellent. The first song to be released from the upcoming album Jingle King, 'Our Dream' indicates that the new L.P. is another one to look forward to.

I'm a big fan of covers of New Zealand songs by kiwi acts so I was excited when I heard about Loon-A-Tiki, an E.P. of kiwi covers by Labretta Suede and the Motel Six, a 50's influenced full on good time rock and roll band. The band tackle everything from 195os hit Haka Boogie to 80s punk from Sticky Filth. Also well worth checking out is the bands album Not Food Hungry. You can also hear Labretta showcase her favourite music each Friday on bfm. I've put some Labretta Suede videos on the

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