Silver Scrolls Part 2

I've got more from the 2008 Silver Scroll awards ceremony this week. Listen to the podcast to hear Voom perform Anika Moa's 'Dreams In My Head' and Little Bushman's take on Liam Finn's 'Gather To the Chapel'.

I've also included Shona Laing and Hinewehi Mohi performing a Mahinerangi Tocker song as part of a tribute to the recently deceased singer and songwriter.

You might also be interested in last year's Silver Scroll awards podcast available to download (part 1 and part 2).

Here's a couple of pictures from this years ceremony - all courtesy of my Waiheke Radio co-conspirator Pumicehead. Take a careful look - that's a prawn Luke Buda is holding while wildly gesticulating with his other hand.

Download the Counting The Beat - Silver Scrolls Part 2 podcast


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Just found the show, sounds good. I am always looking for new kiwi music to play on my NZ Music podcast at

Keep spreading the love of kiwi tunes!