Counting The Beat" Diggin' Deep in The Letter D


James Duncan - Of Eveyone Around You (Round Trip Mars, 2009)
Drowning Is Easy - Spoons For Christ (Unwucht, 2014)
The Drab Doo Riffs - I Wanna Be Spock (Chhes On Toast, 2009)
Dad Jokes - Hopeless Vacation (Pyamid Power, 2016)
Data Animal - Death Racer (DedStrange, 2021)
Drone - Turn + Twist (i, 1996)
Dissolve - Strand, That That Is ... Is (Not) (Kranky, 1994)
The Dance Asthmatics - PG, Lifetime Of Secretion (Ever/Never, 2016)
Delaney Davidson/Bruce Russell - Crown Electric King, One Hand Loose (Ilam Press Records, 2019)
Double Ya D - Make This A Time Of Love (Stink Magnetic, 2011)
Dam Native - Sirens In The City (Hori Acoustic Mix) (Newton Sound, 2012)
Debris - Diggin', Slot Jockey (Dirge Music, 1999)
Dictaphone Blues - School Tomorrow (Blah-lah-lah Records, 2010)
Desperate Models - Brightness, Roaches (Burnt Rations Collective, 2015)
Dystopia - Ants, Rough Art Of The Spiritual (Monkey Records, 2018)
Drill - Fishy (Flying Nun, 1994)
Desperate Measures - Rich-Tual, Rinsed (Easy Action, 2021)
Dick Move - Chop!, Chop! (1:12 Records, 2020)
Das Phaedrus - Trigger, Death Of The Dunedin Music Scene (Not On Label, 2021)
Dog Power - Come back To Paris, Dog Power (flying Nun, 2018)
Alf Danielson - Glover (Merge, 1992)
The Dead C - Stealth (Sup Pop, 2000)
Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra & Mark de Clive-Lowe - Take The Space Trane, Part One (Tru Thoughts, 2012)


Counting The Beat radio show Jan 2023


Jim Nothing - Never Come Down, In The Marigolds (Melted Icecream, 2022)
Fazerdaze - Come Apart, Break (Flying Nun, 2022)
The Chills - No One Knows Better Than Me, Scatterbrain - Storms Outtakes (Fire, 2022)
Big Scout - Arthur Fuxake, Council Sport (Melted Icecream, 2022)
Recitals - Gradient, Orbit 1 (Flying Nun, 2022)
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Flipped It (Kill Rock Stars, 2022)
Salvia Palth - I Was All Over Her, Melanchole (Danger Collective Records, 2022)
Stef Animal - The TGV, Top Gear (Fishrider, 2022)
Ambitious Vegetables - Prisoner Of Her Majesty (Not On Label, 2022)
FishForLife - Toast (FatalFish, 2022)
Das Phaedrus - Passing Through, Dark Winning (Not On Label, 2022)
Swallow The Rat - Other Rooms (Not On Label, 2022)
Overtime - Slint, Overtime (Not On Label, 2020)
Die! Die! Die! - Shanghai/Wuhan, Smelter (Records Etcetera, 2022)
Roy Montgomery - Occlusione, Audiotherapy (Grapefruit, 2022)


Counting The Beat Hamish Kilgour Special



The Clean - Side On, Anthology (Merge, 2014)
Hamish Kilgour - H.K. Eleven Eight, All Of It And Nothing (BadaBing, 2014)
Nelsh Bailter Space - In Love With These Times, Nelsh Bailter Space (Flying Nun, 1987)
The Great Unwashed - Duane Eddy, Singles (Flying Nun, 1984)
Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour - Little Did I Know, Hurtling Through (Bella Union/Flying Nun, 2015)
The Sundae Painters - Aversion (Leather Jacket Recordings, 2021)
Hamish Kilgour - Open/Close, Finklestein (BaDaBing, 2018)
Hamish Kilgour - Open Top/Off, Franklestein (BaDaBing, 2019)
The Clean - At The Bottom, Live Dead Clean (Flying Nun, 1986)
The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else, In-A-Live (Vehicle reissue, Flying Nun, 2013)
Mad Scene - Cat Burglar, Blip (Siltbreeze, 2012)
Bailter Space - Tanker, Tanker (Flying Nun, 1988)
The Clean, Bye Bye, Vehicle (Flying Nun, 1990)
The Great Unwashed - Hold On To The Rail, Clean Out Of Our Minds (Exiled Records, 2012)
Hamish & David Kilgour - The Collected Complete Works Of Robbie Burns, Ae Fond Kiss (Zelle, 2015)
Bill Direen & The Hat - Dark Does Not Live By Water Or Air, The Flavour Of The Meat (Grapefruit, 2013)
Alec Bathgate - Imposter Syndrome, Phantom Dots (Long Short Short, 2021)
Hamish Kilgour - Action, Funklestein (BaDaBing Endangered Titles Series, 2018)
Cloudcraft - Under Bodhi Tree Afternoon Raga (part 1), Cloudcraft (Social Music Records, 2010)
The Clean - Tally Ho! (Merge, 2021)


Counting The Beat: Letter C

Civil Union - Follow The Red Herring, Seasick, Lovedrunk (Melted Icecream, 2016) 
Brian Crook - Living Death, Bathysphere (Meds, 2012)
Centre Negative - Existential Arrogance, Emotion Is Cringey (Ever/Never, 2016)
The Coolies - Scorpio 10, Kaka (Feeding Tube Records, 2015)
Claire's Un-Natural Twin - Boring Party Dog, 12" C.U.N.T. (Yellow Bike Records, 1995)
Claypipe - Blue And Turned Black, Sky Wells (C/Site Recordings, 2021)
Cloudcraft - Under Bodhi Tree Afternoon Raga (part 1), Cloudcraft (Social Music Records, 2010)
Children's Television Workshop - Hat Chau Van, The Polyamorous Love Cult (Drunken Fish Records, 1997)
Currer Bells - Vivid Words, Currer Bells (Quetzi Records, 2010)
Crude - Refute A Myth, Refute A Myth Society (Ecstatic Yod, 1997)
CJA - Headache (Part 1) - Sido Not Dead (Planam, 2018)


Counting The Beat: Recent Weirdness Sept 2022

New and recent experimental, alternative and noise releases by New Zealand artists. All kiwi, all vinyl.
The Garbage & The Flowers - On The Radio, Cinnamon Sea (Fire Records, 2022)
Luke Wood and Luke Shaw -Wet Your Tail,  St Martin's New World (Ilam Press Records, 2022)
Bruce Russell - Sonata Number 19 for Tremolo, Circuits Of Omission: Sonaten Fur Syntherisierten Klang (Opus 60) (Feeding Tube Records, 2022)
Polyhedron Choir - Mangapehi, Polyhedron Choit/Outcrop split LP (Truly Fine Citizen, 2022)
Outcrop - Drones of Death, Polyhedron Choit/Outcrop split LP (Truly Fine Citizen, 2022)
Outsiders - West of the Tracks, pt-1, Manumit (Not On Label, 2022)
Bruce Russell - Sonata Number 12 for Ralf Wehowsky, Circuits Of Omission: Sonaten Fur Syntherisierten Klang (Opus 60) (Feeding Tube Records, 2022)
Motte - Gargantuan, Cold + Liquid (Ba Da Bing, 2022)
Little Skull - Side 2 Track 3, Little Skull (Horn Of Plenty, 2022)
Taste - Passed Out In Petals, Taste (I Dischi Del Barone, 2022)
Bruce Russell - Sonata Number 20 Cross-modulation, Circuits Of Omission: Sonaten Fur Syntherisierten Klang (Opus 60) (Feeding Tube Records, 2022)
Surface Of The Earth - Voyager, Surface of The Earth (Thin Wrist Recordings, 2022)
Bill Orcutt & Michael Morley – Side B,  Electric Guitar Duets (Palilalia, 2020)


Counting The Beat - Letter B

Counting The Beat - Letter B: All kiwi music, all on vinyl, all records that haven't been spun for a while, from the B section of my New Zealand record collection.



Broad Oak - Not A Lemur (Feat. Jumps) (Monkey Records, 2017)

Boss Christ - Wolf Party, Monsterbilly (Stink Magnetic, 2013)

Bygone Era - Twisted Days, Twisted Days (Onslaught Records, 1987)

Body Corporate - I Can Animate, Howlaround (The Kingsland Vinyl Appreciation Society, 2008)

The Buckets Full - No Answer, The Buckets Full (Bucket Records, 1984)

Sandra  Bell - Siesta, Blackbirds (Volcanic Productions, 1986)

Dudley Benson - Domino (Stef Animal remix), Minerals & Rocks (Golden Retriever Records, 2007)

The Bollands - All My Ghosts, All My Ghosts (Monkey Records, 2017)

The Body Lyre - Chainsmoker, Escape Songs (Mole Music, 2012)

Bunnies On Ponies - Safe In Sound, Heat Death Of The Universe (Lovely Horse, 2015)

Batrider - Down Below, Bag Wine Forever (Not On Label, 2009)

Darryl Baser  - Following A Line, Raw Selfie (Zelle / Powertool, 2015)

Daniel Boobyer - Shake Your Dirty Chain, Time Killed The Clock (Tasman Records, 2012)

Bulletbelt - Mistaken Identity, Down In The Cold Of The Grave (Headless Horseman, 2012)

Bonecruncher - Top Rope Annihilation, Bone Crusher (Not On Label, 2015)

Birchville Cat Motel - Hoodoo, Jewelled Wings (Freedom From, 2001)


Counting The Beat July 2022

Aldous Harding - Tick Tock, Warm Chris (Flying Nun, 2022)
Erny Belle - Nuclear Bombs, Venus Is Home (Self Released, 2022)
Sin City - By The River, Welcome To Sin City (1:12 Records, 2022)
Nice Girl - Whistling Thorn, Whistling Thorn (Public Possesion, 2020)
Tooms - Piss, Fake Teeth (1:12 Records, 2022)
W.A.S.P. Factory - Steel Blue Skies (Fantastic Mess, 2022)
Body Electric - Rubber Knife, Presentation and Reality / The Body Electric (Flying Nun / Propellor, 2022)
Mousey - Wait For Me, My Friends (Winegum Records, 2022)
Pickle Darling - Chomsky's Sweater, Spring Onion Pancake (Leather Jacket Records, 2022)
Steve Abel - Hospice For Destitute Lovers, Woodenhead (Pictures For Anna, 2022)
Mimi Gilbert - Hospice For Destitute Lovers, Woodenhead Reimagined (Pictures For Anna, 2022)
Demarnia Lloyd - The Tremor, Woodenhead Reimagined (Pictures For Anna, 2022)
Das Pahedrus - It's Now OK To Litter, Ghosts of The Dunedin Music Scene (Self Released, 2022)
Arahi - All That's Left To Do Is Sleep, Under The Sun (Backline Charitable Trust, 2022)